GroupTalk for iPhone on iOS 13 - Important update

GroupTalk for iPhone on iOS 13 - Important update

mar 16, 2020 Magnus Hedberg, CEO GroupTalk.

iPhone users are used to major updates of iOS from Apple on an annual basis. These updates are typically loaded with new features and improvements.


However, sometimes  architectural changes to for example improve battery life and better protect user privacy may actually result in a “different” user experience (since app developers can no longer use the same underlying functionality of iOS as used in the past).

For Push to Talk service providers iOS 13 is a big deal since Apple is as of April 2020 no longer supporting invisible VoIP background pushes and requires the use of visible push notifications.


The GroupTalk app, starting from version 3.4.7 benefits from iOS 13 notifications by displaying who is talking.


A drawback of visible push notifications is that if the app is in the background there will be some extra latency added to the initial incoming voice messages. Luckily, as soon as the user responds to an incoming message using a bluetooth accessory or by pressing the PTT button in the GroupTalk app the communication is as responsive as always.


It should also be noted that in iOS 13 “silent mode” will also silence incoming voice messages (which was not the case previously).


This new GroupTalk app is scheduled to be released to the public in April 2020.